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GERB-UDF PM-designate Announces Cabinet Proposal as Soon as President Asks Him to Form Government 

That was a surprisingly swift progress for a procedure that usually takes a week.

Here is a takeaway from the remarks by the President and the GERB-UDF representatives as they met with the head of State, and then talked to the press:

As he handed the mandate to Zhelyazkov, President Radev said that it is “a major responsibility and ordeal”. The President mentioned the fragmented Parliament, the low turnout in the June 9 elections which, he said, “invariably impacts the legitimacy of institutions” and which “needs to be addressed with systematic efforts in the name of the public interest”.

Having announced his proposal for a government, Zhelyazkov declared several commitments for the possible Cabinet: stabilizing the fiscal model, normalizing public finances and mostly the priorities relating to the work of Parliament, including a clear legislative programme with deadlines that can unite a majority in the name of this country’s priorities. He underscored “the strong Euro-Atlantic orientation” of the government.

GERB leader Boyko Borissov told reporters that if the government is formed, it will accomplish “three or four tasks and then resign”. He did mention three tasks: adopting a state budget, unblocking EU funding and making progress towards eurozone entry. “If the government goes through thanks to a trick – whether some MPs choose not to come for the vote, or decide to back us but not as a party, not in a majority to fulfill our programme, then the government will have a very short life: not because somebody will bring it down but because we will walk out,” Borissov said.

He urged Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria and “all the rest who are turning their back to the State and chose to protect or reclaim their voter base”, to back the government.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Continue the Change co-leader Kiril Petkov wrote that they will not back a government of GERB and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) “which MRF leader Delyan Peevski dreams of, because the next reforms Bulgaria needs are impossible with those parties”.

The nationalist Vazrazhdane party told BTA that their position remains unchanged and they are determined not to support a cabinet of GERB-UDF and Movement for Rights and Freedoms.