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Hasani: No more reservations and delays in integration of Western Balkans

The Assembly organized on Monday the meeting of the Commission of the Parliamentary Dimension of the Central Europe Initiative, entitled: “The role of parliaments in the oversight of governments and the process of European integration.”

This activity takes place within the framework of Albania taking over the Presidency of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Initiative for Central Europe (CEI).

At the proposal of Minister Hasani, the meeting started with observing a minute of silence in honor of the life and contribution of the writer Ismail Kadare, who passed away today.

In his remarks, the Chief Diplomat Hasani praised the work of the CEI so far in support of the Western Balkans, also emphasizing the urgent need to accelerate the integration process of the region.
“Amid the real risk of direct or hybrid influence of third factors in the region, we believe that it is time for the member countries of the European Union to pay undivided attention and commit without delay and without reservations to the acceleration of the integration of Western Balkans, but not only. We express our gratitude to Hungary, which, today on July 1, takes over the rotating presidency of the European Union, prioritizing the delayed expansion with the countries of the Western Balkans under its presidency”, said the minister, among other things.

The Albanian chief diplomat said that Albania considers CEI a pro-active platform for regional cooperation, underlining that our country has been and continues to be one of the strong proponents when it comes to every proposal and project of this initiative.
Albania has been a member of the Central European Initiative since 1996 and holds its presidency from January to December 2024.