Manaki Brothers Film Festival wraps up with closing ceremony

A screening of the Macedonian feature film ‘Lena and Vladimir’, directed by Igor Aleksov with cinematographer Dushan Kardalevski, will close the 44th edition of the Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers’ Film Festival in Bitola on Friday.

Ahead of the festival’s awards for best cinematographers, award-winning cinematographer Seamus McGarvey will receive the Special Golden Camera 300 for Outstanding Contribution to World Cinematic Art.

Laureat McGarvey, who held a masterclass at the 44th Manaki Brothers Film Festival, has two Oscar nominations for best photography (cinematography) – for ‘Atonement’ (2007), and for ‘Anna Karenina’ (2012). He has won the BSC award twice, for ‘Anna Karenina’ and ‘Nocturnal Animals’ (Tom Ford) and was a BAFTA award nominee four times. In 2004, the British Royal Photographic Society awarded him the Lumière Medal for Major Achievement in British Cinematography.

McGarvey’s signature work includes films produced in his long-lasting cooperation with director Joe Wright (‘Atonement’, ‘Anna Karenina’, ‘Cyrano’); ‘Nocturnal Animals’ (directed by Tom Ford); ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ (directed by Lynne Ramsay); ‘World Trade Center’ (directed by Oliver Stone); ‘The Hours’ (directed by Stephen Daldry); ‘High Fidelity’ (directed by Stephen Frears); ‘Butterfly Kiss’ (directed by Michael Winterbottom); as well as the episode ‘Nosedive’ from the Black Mirror series that won him an EMI and a BAFTA nomination for best photography (cinematography).

The Media Information Agency (MIA) is the media sponsor of the Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers’ Film Festival.