Gerapetritis: Issues of national sovereignty cannot be items in the dialogue with Turkey

Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis, while addressing the parliament on Friday, clarified that no issues of national sovereignty can be items for discussion in the dialogue with Turkey.

Gerapetritis was replying to a question put by opposition Spartiates party deputy Alexandros Zerveas.

The foreign minister categorically stated that there is “neither a hidden nor open agreement with Turkey for the demilitarisation of the islands or any issue regarding the way the armed forces are stationed in Greece,” adding that “issues pertaining to national sovereignty, as well as the stationing of the armed forces in the country can’t be the objects of any kind of agreement”.

He clarified that it goes without saying that Greece maintains its rights deriving from international Treaties, the Lausanne Treaty, and the treaties of Montreau and Paris for its protection and defence.

Gerapetritis also said that “Greece is at the highest level of military and diplomatic strength.