Flour Mill in Sofia Boasts Bulgaria’s Largest Graffito

The nine grain silos of Austrian-owned GoodMills Bulgaria in Sofia have provided a 3,600 sq m “canvas” for Bulgaria’s largest graffito (and one of the largest in the Balkans).

Earlier this month, artist Stoyan Atanasov took more than 700 hours over 30 days to transfer his design to the storage facility, using Sofia’s highest lifting platform (43 metres).

“On the whole, my design is intended to show the link between man and nature and how humans are entirely dependent on nature. Actually, this is what the design itself depicts,” Atanasov told National Radio. He specified that the technique he employed combines graffito with mural. Fine Art Factory takes credit for making this art work possible with exceptional professionalism.

The graffito is the winning entry in a street art competition launched by GoodMills in March 2023, targeting to beautify the mill’s surroundings and add colour to that largely grey industrial part of the capital, conveying messages of happiness, love and care. The dozens of works submitted to the competition were put to public voting, and the top ten were judged by a specially selected jury including Bulgarian street art legend Nasimo.

“Each contour and colour of this design reminds us of the force of art to transform the world and lend beauty to our everyday life,” said Sofia Mel Marketing Manager Vesela Peeva.