Five days left: KAS shows how many residents have registered so far

With five days remaining until the end of the Kosovo population census process, over 1 million and 420 thousand inhabitants have been registered so far.

Although the expectations of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) are that the process will be completed on time, there are requests from some municipalities that this date be postponed.

This was announced by the acting chief executive in this institution, Avni Kastrati.

In a press conference, Kastrati announced that so far everything has gone according to plan, without any major challenges.

Meanwhile, he added that regarding requests for postponement of the date, they will see if this has a basis to be approved. He said that since a large part of the enumerators have completed the assigned areas they can help other municipalities so that there is no postponement of the process.

While he added that in some municipalities, such as Prizren and Prishtina, several offices have been opened, for citizens who have not had the opportunity to register, to go to those offices.

Kastrati said that the Municipality of Dragash has requested to postpone the date of completion of the registration process, but he said that they will help them with staff so that the process is not postponed.

Meanwhile, he said that according to the information, there are other municipalities that are requesting the same, but Kastrati said that they will see if there is a strong basis to approve this request.

As for the North, he emphasized that although there was hesitation, some of them have registered.

Further, he announced that the number of registered residents from the diaspora has exceeded 400,000.

In the population census, a questionnaire is also included, which enables citizens to declare about the damages caused by the last war in Kosovo.

Whereas, during the last population census in Kosovo, held in 2011, the process was not carried out in the four municipalities with a Serbian majority in the north, and it was also partially boycotted in other municipalities with a Serbian majority in Kosovo.

We remind you that the population census started on April 5 and will last until May 17.