Films by Radu Jude, Cristi Puiu, Paul Negoescu to run at Romanian Film Festival in Spain

The 14th edition of the Romanian Film Festival in Spain, Muestra de Cine Rumano, an event organised by the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) in Madrid, under the aegis of the Romanian Embassy in Spain, will take place between April and December.

According to ICR , the cities selected to host the screenings this year are places with the strongest regional film libraries, in terms of audience, visibility and logistics: Barcelona (the second cultural pole of Spain), Valencia (in the region with a very strong Romanian community and a very active film library, which organises, among others, the International Film Festival Cinema Jove, where Romanian films are constantly selected), Seville (important city in Andalusia), Granada, Oviedo, Zaragoza, Santander and Palma de Mallorca, cities with sizeable Romanian communities.

In Madrid, Barcelona, Santander, Oviedo and Palma de Mallorca film professionals (producers, actors, directors, critics) are invited to present their proposed films. ICR Madrid also invites film critics and Spanish journalists to present some of the films and moderate the meetings between the cinephile audience and the Romanian directors or actors invited to the festival.

The five films will be screened at this year’s edition, made between 2021 and 2023: “Don’t Expect too Much from the End of the World” – directed by Radu Jude (2023); “MMXX” – directed by Cristi Puiu (2023); “Carbon” – directed by Ion Bors (2022); “Men of Deeds” – directed by Paul Negoescu (2022); “Man and Dog” – directed by Stefan Constantinescu (2021).