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Bulgaria and Romania Celebrate First Bucharest-Sofia Return Flight after Schengen Accession

The Bulgarian Ambassador in Romania, Radko Vlaykov, and Romania’s Ambassador to Bulgaria, Brandusa Predescu, welcomed on Monday the first Bucharest-Sofia return flight after the Schengen accession of the two countries. Vlaykov gave red roses to all the ladies on board and earlier on Monday, Predescu handed out yellow tulips and Romanian flags to the arriving passengers.

This is both a long-awaited and a very happy moment for Bulgarians, said the Bulgarian Ambassador, as Bulgaria and Romania have fought for 12 years against an injustice. The countries succeeded because they were united. He added that his professional career and civic attitude as a staunch European supporter made him look forward to this moment.

He expressed his gratitude to Predescu for supporting the idea and organizing a welcoming ceremony at Sofia Airport.

Predescu highlighted the symbolism of what Bulgaria and Romania are going through. “We entered Schengen together, we prepared for Schengen very thoroughly, everyone did their part, but we also cooperated very closely and we continue to do so. That is the importance of this moment – the work continues,” she pointed out.

Asked when the two countries will join Schengen by land, she said the Romanian authorities are working tirelessly to complete this process. “There has not been a day when we have not spoken to all our partners in the European Union,” Predescu said.

On March 31, Bulgaria and Romania became members of the Schengen area by air and water.