Ferati: In handball, we achieved something that was considered an impossible dream

The Kosovo National Team U-18 in handball, the girls’ competition, has written history, qualifying for the first time in the U-18 World Championship. Dardanian girls became the champions of the “IHF Trophy Intercontinental” competition, held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, thus becoming part of the biggest countries that will fight in the Handball World Cup that takes place this summer.

Coach Mitat Ferati expressed his satisfaction with this success. He told KosovaPress that this achievement only a few weeks ago was considered an impossible dream.

Ferati further adds that the expectations of the team he leads have increased after this success and that they go to the world championship with the aim of reaching the highest peaks.

Upon returning to Kosovo, the girls’ team was welcomed by the Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports, from whom Ferati says they received promises of greater support. He considers that handball is on the right path of development, but calls for more investment in infrastructure as he says that sports halls do not have the basic things.

The World Handball Championship will take place in August this year in China.