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Head of State: Bulgarian Society Has Never Allowed Destructive Manifestations of Anti-Semitism

Bulgarian society has never experienced and has not allowed destructive manifestations of anti-Semitism, such as those that took place in other parts of Europe, said President Rumen Radev on Sunday in Gorsko Slivovo (Northern Bulgaria), where he participated in the naming of a street in the village after world-famous Israeli writer, historian and public figure Prof. Michael Bar-Zohar.

“Today we are gathered on a significant date in our history – 81 years since the heroic act of the entire Bulgarian people, of Bulgarian institutions, of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, of professional and artistic associations, of university and scientific circles, of numerous ordinary Bulgarian citizens united by the strong will to stop the madness of one of the darkest epochs in human history, overwhelmed by the hateful Hitlerite ideology of extermination of the Jewish people,” the President emphasized.

The head of State underlined that Bar-Zohar is Bulgarian in spirit.

“He kept his Bulgarian spirit intact deep in his heart and remains inextricably linked to the memorable date of March 10, 1943. He was the man who publicized and introduced to the world the historical truth of the heroic act of the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews in 1943. He is the man who continues to defend this truth in all international forums and discussions,” Radev further said.

“Unfortunately, today there are forces that are trying to belittle this heroic act of our people and state by blaming them for the death of 11,343 Jewish citizens of Macedonia and Western Thrace, whom the Bulgarian administration of the time, for clear historical reasons, failed to save. Despite the declaration of the National Assembly in 2013, when the highest body of the state took an absolutely clear position on this issue, attempts to defame our country continue in various international forums, debates, historical celebrations and interpretations,” the President added.

He stressed that more and more Bulgarian researchers, historians and politicians understand the essence of these efforts and are giving the necessary resistance.