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Exhibition ‘Calliope Austria and North Macedonia’ to open at Chifte Hammam

Skopje, 12 March 2024 (MIA) – An exhibition entitled “Calliope Austria and North Macedonia”, Women in Society, Culture and the Sciences, organised by the Austrian Embassy and the National Gallery of the Republic of North Macedonia is set to open Tuesday evening at the Chifte Hammam.

The Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs and Women’s Museum Hittisau promote the work and achievements of Austrian women worldwide, the National Gallery said in a press release.

“Women have far too often been forgotten, overlooked and marginalized in Austria’s and North Macedonia’s official historiography – a fact that lends all the more importance to this exhibition’s attempt to survey the past 200 years in light of the biographies of important Austrian women. Austrian women, whose talents, will-power and determined courage have helped shape and enrich their country. Their lives and their works, which account for at least half of Austria’s intellectual identity, are to be recognized here in the form of prominent examples – in full knowledge of the inevitable gaps, some of them scandalous, that such a form of portrayal entails,” reads the press release.

This exhibition surveys the life stories of aristocrats, artists, salon women, scientists, women’s rights activists, politicians, actresses, musicians, physicians and stage directors in chronological form. The arc thus drawn extends from the early 19th century to the present. A common theme evident throughout is women’s struggle for emancipation, with all its attendant triumphs and setbacks. From Biedermeier-period desires for freedom to our 21st century, much has been accomplished. But one also sees clearly that true equality has not yet been achieved, with much indeed still to be done. For the very first time, four Macedonian female artists will be presented in this context, reads the press release.

The exhibition will feature works by Katja Eftimova, Lena Stefanova, Borka Avramova, Ana Temkova, Vana Uroshevikj, Dijana Tomikj-Radevska, Monika Moteska, Dita Starova-Qerimi, Zhaneta Vangeli, Slavica Janashlieva, Violeta Chaule, Biljana Unkovska, Menche Spiroska, and Aleksandra Ristovska Petrushevska.

Dita Starova Qerimi, the Director of the National Gallery, Martin Pammer, Ambassador of Austria to North Macedonia, Wolfgang Maier, CEO EVN Macedonia, and Prof. Dr. Elizabeta Gjorgievska, are to deliver remarks at the exhibition opening.