EU negotiation structure completed

Podgorica, (MINA) – The government has formed the negotiation groups for 33 negotiation chapters within the talks with the EU, and thus the negotiation structure has been completed, the Ministry of European Affairs (MEA) stated.

This governmental department stated that the Government, during the Thursday session, adopted a decision on the formation of the negotiation working groups.

“Thus, the negotiation structure has been finalized and the process of the formation of negotiation working groups for all 33 chapters completed”, the press release stated.

MEA stated that the new negotiation structure will have 801 members, out of whom 670 representatives of the national institutions and state-owned companies.

According to the press release, out of 131 civil sector representatives, 22 are the representatives of the NGOs.

The Ministry stated that the most numerous are the negotiation groups for the chapters 12- Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Policy (68 members) and 23- Judiciary and Fundamental Rights (46 members).