EU must change from bureaucratic to political giant – Meloni

Italy supports enlargement of the European Union but in order to meet the new challenges it must change from being a “bureaucratic giant” to become a “political giant”, Premier Giorgia Meloni told senators on Wednesday following a debate on her communications to parliament ahead of the European Summit in Brussels.

“On enlargement I am very much in agreement. It is a strategic choice for all of us. Enlargement is good,” said Meloni.

“If we imagine an EU with 30-32 member states, this would bring new challenges. This will be discussed, as will the reforms that will have to be made,” she added.

“The budget will also need to be discussed. We must not make the mistake of starting from a decision-making process, but from the matters the EU has to deal with. The EU must focus on issues that cannot be dealt with by individual states. This is the position I am taking. The EU must be transformed from a bureaucratic giant to a political giant,” said the premier.