EU leaders’ summit, Nissinen: We need strong democracies such as Kosovo and Finland

The Ambassador of Finland to Kosovo, Matti Nissinen, says that he expects the European leaders to make good decisions at the Summit of the leaders of the European Union that is being held in Brussels.

In a statement from the interview for KosovaPress, Nissinen states that the international security architecture is being challenged a lot and this is the reason why the world needs strong democracies such as Kosovo and Finland.

Among other things, the Finnish ambassador emphasizes that the international community should continue its unwavering support for Ukraine, as the security situation in the world is very worrying.

The summit of EU leaders is continuing its work today and tomorrow, where the topic of discussion will be Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the situation in the Middle East, the EU’s enlargement policy, as well as some other EU issues.

Meanwhile, yesterday (Wednesday) at this summit, the situation in the Western Balkans was discussed, where Kosovo and Serbia were called to implement the Brussels agreement.