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Enver Hoxha’s Villa No 31 to become an art center

By decision of the government, the house of Dictator Enver Hoxha will become an art center.

The government approved yesterday the reduced rent for the use of some premises in the “Government Residence, Villa 31 Tirana”, for the realization of the “Vila Art Residence Tirana” cultural project.

According to the decision, the amount of money for the use of the premises of the “Government Residence, villa 31 Tirana” will be the equivalent amount of expenses for the supply of electricity and water, as well as the maintenance cost and treatment of these premises throughout the commissioning period for this project.

The decision charges the Directorate of Government Services and the Ministry of Culture with implementation of this project and enters into force after its publication in the “Official Gazette”.

Villa 31, where Dictator Enver Hoxha’s family lived, is located in the “Block” area.