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Photo exhibition “Ukraine: A War Crime” opens ahead of Zelensky’s visit to Tirana

TIRANA, Feb 23 /ATA/-By Maela Marini/ – A photographic exhibition featuring 50 images depicting the suffering, the drama and the struggle of Ukrainian people to defend their homeland and democracy opened Thursday at the Centre of Openness and Dialogue (COD) at the Prime Minister’s Office in Tirana on Thursday evening.

In his remarks at the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Edi Rama underlined that the exhibition opens ahead of the first visit of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Albania on February 28.

“I would like to particularly extend my greetings to the Ukrainian Ambassador, who has joined us tonight and I would also like to thank all of those who took over this initiative and succeeded in finalizing it at a moment like this,” PM Rama said.

The government head pointed out the fact that the exhibition takes place on the eve of Zelensky’s arrival in Tirana on both a bilateral visit, also to attend the Ukraine–South-East Europe Summit.

“A considerable number of leaders of this part of Europe will be invited and President Zelensky will co-host and co-chair the event, which is of special importance in today’s context,” the government head said.

The Premier said that no word would properly depict what is happening in Ukraine and that the exhibition features movie-like photos with a cinematic look.

“Indeed, they are photographs taken every hour, every day and night in the lives of the Ukrainian people under the under the savagery of Russian aggression, a completely unprovoked, unjustified and unjustifiable aggression. Albania stands side by side with Ukraine, together with the entire alliance of countries that have chosen to look to the future and build together the future, where every country, people, every individual has the right to freedom, the right to living as equals under the umbrella of the law and the democratic Constitution,” Rama stated.

“I reiterate today our steadfast unity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. These pictures come from a front where is being fought, where human lives are lost and properties are destroyed, where people live day and night under the repression of sirens that warn of the next wave of bombardment,” he said.

The book “Ukraine: A War Crime” is a collection of over 360 photographs and witness accounts by ninety photojournalists from 29 countries united to present their firsthand testimony about the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the perspective of those tasked with documenting it. The images and reportages provide viewers with an insight into the humanitarian catastrophe, and war crimes investigations.