Eight local self-government units entitled to support of one million dollars from the MEG2 project

SARAJEVO, June 11 (FENA) – As part of the MEG2 project, eight local self-government units (LGUs) received the right to non-refundable financial support for the implementation of their priority infrastructure projects in the area of ​​the environment, in the total amount of 1,030,000 US dollars.

The funds were allocated based on progress in the field of good governance and environmental protection, achieved within the framework of the Municipal Environmental Management Project (MEG2) during the past 12 months.

Of the partner LGUs that participated in the first phase of the MEG project, Prnjavor, Tešanj and Gradiška achieved the right to use the grants.

Apart from them, the right to use the grants was achieved by Istočno Novo Sarajevo, Ilijaš, Srbac, Šamac and Široki Brijeg, as partner LGUs that joined the MEG project in the second phase.

Through their work and commitment, these eight local governments have earned the right to grant non-refundable financial resources, which can be used for the implementation of priority infrastructure projects in the area of ​​the environment, defined in their development strategies.

The UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina reminds that last year grants were also awarded to the most successful local self-governments, and in addition, these local self-governments invested an additional two million and 800,000 dollars of their own funds in the approved projects.

The second phase of the Municipal Environmental Management Project is currently being implemented in 30 local self-government units, and is jointly financed by the governments of Switzerland, Sweden and the Government of the Czech Republic, as well as the European Union, while the project is implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in BiH.