Citizens believe in conspiracies in overwhelming numbers

Podgorica, (MINA) – The citizens of Montenegro, in overwhelming numbers, believe in conspiracy theories on climate change and vaccines and propaganda narratives regarding international politics, the survey carried out by the Damar Institute on behalf of the Center for Democratic Transition (CDT) has demonstrated.

Editor in chief of the Raskrinkavanje.me Darvin Muric said that almost half of the respondents, 49.5 per cent, believe that world elites possess technologies that allow them to control weather to certain extent.

Muric said that 46.7 per cent of the respondents believe that the dangers that climate change pose for the planet are often exaggerated.

Speaking about the conspiracies on the vaccines and the coronavirus, he said that 45.4 per cent of the citizens believe that the coronavirus pandemic is not real, while more than one-third of the citizens (38.7 per cent) believe that the MMR vaccine causes autism.

According to Muric, 42.7 per cent of the citizens believe that Russia is fighting Nazism in Ukraine.

“The data that half of the citizens- 53.4 per cent, believe that the Western countries actively promote pedophilia, demonstrate that the anti-Western and anti-EU narratives cannot be underestimated”, the press release adds.

According to Muric, half of the citizens- 53.8 per cent, believe that the EU and the Western countries actively promote the change of traditional values and impose deviant behavior, while as many as 60.8 per cent of the citizens believe that the homosexuality should be classified as a disease, opposed to 15.8 per cent of those who don’t believe so.