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57th Vojdan Chernodrinski Macedonian Theater Festival presents lifetime achievement awards

Prilep, 11 June 2024 (MIA) – Actors Mimi Tanevska Srbinovska and Jordan Vitanov were presented Monday with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 58th “Vojdan Chernodrinski” Macedonian Theater Festival, which is held in Prilep.

Actor Jordan Vitanov has been active on the theater scene in Veles for many years, has played numerous TV and film roles, and is also as a long-standing member of the festival’s assembly and is part of the organization. He has also won the award for leading main role twice.

“The festival gives me great pleasure. I have always felt very comfortable here. I wish that my colleagues continue to work devotedly. Theater is a passion and an art form, from which, in a way, we exist, but the most important thing is that it makes both us and the public happy. I am very happy with the messages and stories we get to convey to the audience,” Vitanov said.

After working 15 years at the Macedonian National Theater in Skopje, and as professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts-Skopje, award winner Mimi Tanevska Srbinovska believes that it is useful to share experiences with students.

“So far, I have taught five generations of students and I can say that they are a new force whom I wish we will continue to support, as elders and the institutions, because new people create new theater. They create new ideas, content, and bring a new meaning to theater,” Tanevska Srbinovska highlighted.

Since the opening on June 7, the festival has put on three out of 11 plays, and two more will be performed tonight. The festival also includes promotions, round table talks, and workshops. This year, the author in focus is the late playwright Goran Stefanovski.

The 58th “Vojdan Chernodrinski” Macedonian Theater Festival will close on June 14 with awards from the jury and audience.