EnviMin: Romania will have the second largest deposit return system in Europe

Minister of the Environment, Waters and Forestry Mircea Fechet declared on Friday in Cluj that, starting this fall, Romania will have the second largest deposit return system in Europe, that will see seven billion recycled doses.

“Starting November 30, Europe’s second largest deposit return system after Germany will start operating in Romania. The Romanian state will be the one to benefit from it. We will manage over seven billion doses, PETs or bottles annually, which is a formidable figure. It’s a project the Environment Ministry has put much effort into and which I, personally, have invested my soul into, and I believe that this system will solve a part of the problem,” the minister declared.

He emphasized that if the deposit return system solves a part of the environmental problem and awareness campaigns are successful, if the mayors manage to handle the integrated waste management systems financed under the Large Infrastructure Operational Program, Romania will be on a positive trajectory.

EnviMin Mircea Fechet participated on Friday in Cluj-Napoca in the regional conference “Recycling in Romania” dedicated to the promotion of the separate waste collection campaign. AGERPRES (RO – author: Gheorghe Pietrar, editor: Irina Poenaru; EN – editor: Simona Klodnischi)