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Drama Theatre Skopje to perform ‘Firm’ play at Ruta festival in Ljubljana

Skopje, 6 February 2024 (MIA) – The Drama Theatre Skopje is set to perform ‘Firm’ play at the third Slovenian edition of the regional theatre festival Ruta in Ljubljana City Theatre on Wednesday.

The Ljubljana City Theatre is hosting the international Ruta festival for the third time on February 2-7.

‘Firm’ directed by Nela Vitoshevikj, is inspired by Roland Schimmelpfennig’s “Push up 1-3.”

Viktorija Rangelova Petrovska is the playwright while Konstantin Trpenoski, from “mvv.design,” is responsible for the stage design. Costumes are designed by Roza Trajchevska – Ristoska, and the music selection is curated by Nela Vitoshevikj. Stefan Stamandov serves as the photographer, while Goce Bojchev is the stage manager.

Referring to the play and its author, the director Vitoshevikj, described him as one of the most prolific, successful, and internationally acclaimed German playwrights.

“In the text ‘Firm’ (Push Up 1-3), the author bravely carries out a vivisection of capitalist society and the consequences that arise from such a system. It brings to the fore the ruthless struggle of the individual trying to climb to the top of the hierarchical ladder, as well as the problem of loneliness and alienation, a reflection of the capitalist system. All the action in the play takes place in the information corporation. The entire plot unfolds within an IT corporation. In this “daunting” setting, the characters vie against each other for higher positions within the firm. The mechanisms by which they rise to the top are ruthless, the characters grab what they want through verbal manipulation and hypocrisy. Determined to win the battles, they remain without a social life, locked in their large, empty flats, which are associated with their mental and social emptiness,” director Nela Vitoshevikj said.

The premiere of ‘Firm’ took place at the opening of Ruta festival hosted by the Drama Theatre Skopje in October. The play has been performed then times on its home stage thus far, and this guest appearance at the Ljubljana City Theatre marks its first international tour.