BoG: Sustainability of public debt guaranteed at least until 2030

The sustainability of Greece’s public debt is guaranteed at least until 2030, according to the Bank of Greece (BoG).

The evolution of public debt and gross financing needs in various adverse scenarios shows limited deviations from the basic scenario of the Bank of Greece until the beginning of 2030, as stated in its annual report.

Therefore, the BoG estimates that the possibility of reversing the downward course of the debt-to-GDP ratio is limited in the medium term, as is the possibility of exceeding the 15% and 20% of GDP limits for gross financing needs. Based on the above, the risks to the sustainability of public debt are estimated to remain limited in the medium term, provided there is adherence to the achievement of the fiscal goals and effective utilisation of European resources.

According to Bank of Greece, general government debt is expected to reach 161.9% of GDP in 2023 and 153% of GDP in 2024.