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DLUM’s ‘Drawing, Experimental Drawing’ exhibition at Borko Lazeski House

Skopje, 25 April 2024 (MIA) – DLUM Association of Artists of Macedonia’s “Drawing, Experimental Drawing” exhibition will open at Borko Lazeski House at 8 pm.

According to organizers, EU Ambassador David Geer will open the art show.

The annual show of experimental drawings is organized for the eight time, showing the ongoing interest of contemporary Macedonian artists in expressing themselves in this art form, organizers say.

On display will be “works where the boundaries of traditional drawing are moved, shifted and reshaped into new expressive forms,” they add.

“This exhibition celebrates the innovative spirit of artists who dare challenge the conventions, presenting a diverse collection of experimental drawings challenging expectations and inviting viewers to discover new possibilities of artistic creation,” the DLUM release says.

Featuring “fresh ways of e_xpression” and “simplicity and diversity,” the drawings are “fertile ground for experimentation […] from deliberate pencil markings to the spontaneous gestures of charcoal, each stroke on the blank paper an opportunity to explore, ask questions and use new materials and techniques.”

The artists whose work will be displayed at Borko Lazeski House as part of the group exhibition were also encouraged to research and create their works in response to drawings by Lazeski, one of the founders of Macedonian fine art.

“A unique opportunity for synergy between the authors and the space in which our great Borko Lazeski created and lived, and whose work continues to inspire and encourage,” organizers say.