Dinosha: Serbia has not changed; Kosovo should have political unity and coordination with America

After the recent tensions in the north of the country, the ex-ambassador of Montenegro in Kosovo, Ferhat Dinosha appeals to the Kosovar politics for unity regarding the issue of dialogue, as well as closer coordination with the allies. According to him, this will be the best way to avoid eventual incidents and conflicts in Kosovo, or in the Western Balkans. On the contrary, he says that any delay in the processes may not be in favor of Kosovo.
Former ambassador Dinosha, at the same time president of the Albanian National Union, in an interview for KosovaPress, says that in particular, contact with the United States of America should be permanent. He talks about the Ohrid agreement, as well as the use of momentum for Albanians, after Russia’s war in Ukraine.
Dinosha also talks about the influence of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo, based on the experience of Montenegro, where he draws attention to the fact that trends beyond what has been agreed upon so far must be broken off immediately.
Taking into account Serbia’s propaganda against Kosovo, he says that it is the last moment when things should begin to be resolved, so that the image of our country is not damaged in the world.
As for the Ohrid agreement, Dinosha says that it may go beyond that of 2013 and, as some analysts have said, not be useful. He appeals for political unity in Kosovo, so that the country can move forward.
While Serbia continues its propaganda against Kosovo, former ambassador Dinosha says that Kosovo should focus on solving the problems despite this, because as he says, from a country with a dictatorial regime, nothing else can be expected.
According to him, the regime of the Serbian president, Aleksander Vucic, does not differ much from those of the past.
The head of the Albanian National Union, Ferhat Dinosha, says that the Russian military aggression in Ukraine can be used positively, especially for the processes related to the Albanians. Meanwhile, he appeals for caution when it comes to the competences of the Serbian Orthodox Church.