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“Diary of a film maker” book dedicated to Endri Keko promoted on his 100th birth anniversary

TIRANA, May 31/ATA/ “Diary of a film maker” is the new book prepared for publication by Ilir Keko, and which carries the memories of his father, the late film maker Endri Keko, Honor of the Nation. The book came out on occasion of his 100th birthday.

Notes and evidence from Endri Keko’s life, illustrated with photos, his studies in Moscow and the shooting of documentaries and newsreels at the Film Studios, constitute a wide and valuable study material on the beginnings of cinematography in Albania and its development, until in the 1980s, but also on the Keko family, a family of artists who gave a lot to Albanian film and art.

On occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of the filmmaker, the Permanent Commission for Art and Heritage at the Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with the Central State Film Archive, organized the event on promotion of “The Diary of a Film maker” book.

There were speeches delivered by: Piro Milkani, Ylli Pepo, Genc Përmeti, Paskal Milo, Ben Andoni, Aleksandër Çipa, Mevlan Shanaj and Shaban Sinani, while the event was moderated by Marinela Ndria, director of the Central State Film Archive.

Endri Keko was born in the state of Maine (USA) in a Korça origin family, on May 31, 1924. He returned to Albania during the Second World War and in 1950, he was sent to Moscow to train as a documentary film director. Upon returning to his homeland in 1952, he began working at the “New Albania Film Studios”, entering history as one of the founders of the Albanian cinematography.

The Central State Film Archive preserves over 90 documentaries made by Keko, filled with archival materials that testify people and events of the time, natural landscapes or epics through cinematic poems.

Endri Keko is the winner of the Cup for the best documentary film at the second Albanian Film Festival (1977) and the third Albanian Film Festival (1979), winner of the Honorary Award at the Karlovy Vary Festival (Czechoslovakia – 1952), Honorary Diploma in Moscow Festival (USSR – 1959), Bronze Medal at the Paris Festival (France – 1962) and Honorary Diploma at the Leipzig Festival (GDR – 1962), winner of the Republic Prize in 1959, 1970 and 1979, winner of many prizes in literary contests for film scripts. Endri Keko continues to be considered even today the most prominent and most appreciated personality of the Albanian documentary film genre.