The first solar auction, Rizvanolli: Kosovo is becoming a safe environment for investments

A contract is signed between the Ministry of Economy and the winning consortium in the first solar auction of Kosovo for the PV plant of 100 MW in Kramovik.

The Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli, while emphasizing that this agreement is important for the Republic of Kosovo and the energy transition, said that with this project, Kosovo is proving that it is becoming a favorable environment for investments in the energy sector.

“This successful auction will be only the first of many that we will hold in the future. Meanwhile, Kosovo is proving that it is increasingly becoming a favorable, safe environment for investments in the energy sector, and not only. These investments are not only for the future we see for the generations to come, but also for the reality we face today, they are for a more stable, independent and more affordable sector for consumers”, said Rizvanolli.

She also said that the US Government and USAID have been key partners in the country’s successes in the energy sector.

In this regard, Rizvanolli has said that the coal capacities will remain in effect, but will gradually decrease.

“As we have foreseen in our energy strategy, we have ambitious pages in terms of the development of renewable energy sources, but also of energy efficiency, while our coal capacities, which are the basis for security of supply and have been for decades, will remain in operation for a while, but the goal is to gradually reduce their use for the good of the environment and the economy. Investments in this field will be as limited as possible, but the future of energy in Kosovo and of the citizens will be cleaner”, said Rizvanolli.

On the other hand, the director of “Groupe Orllati”, Avni Orllati, said that the advantages of this project are numerous.

“This event marks a decisive step in our commitment to a more sustainable future… This project which will be spread over approximately 117 hectares is part of the country’s strong ambition to develop local renewable energy production. Advantages are numerous, in addition to the production of clean, renewable energy; it will also promote the creation of jobs and stimulate the regional economy… So, 12 months after the construction permit is issued, the power plant will be operational”, he said.