Demonstration exercise of reinforced air police, at 86 Borcea Air Force Base

F-16 aircraft from the Romanian Air Force and the Turkish Air Force are conducting a reinforced air police demonstration exercise on March 6, the Ministry of National Defence (MApN) informs.

According to the source, the scenario of the exercise includes the interception of a “target” aircraft, represented by a C-27 J Spartan transport plane belonging to the Romanian Air Force, which will follow the flight path of Base 90 Air Transport Otopeni – Base 86 Air and return.

The Romanian and Turkish pilots will enforce NATO procedures for such situations, and after landing at the 86th Air Base in Fetesti, aircraft will be presented on the ground and an alerting exercise will take place for the personnel involved in such missions.

Currently, the Romanian Air Force is carrying out enhanced Air Policing missions in our country, together with soldiers from the Turkish Air Force, under NATO command. They contribute to strengthening the reaction capacity and deterring possible hostile actions, as well as to strengthening the interoperability between the Romanian Air Force and the Turkish Air Force.

The reinforced air police under NATO command is a collective defense mission, which takes place in peacetime to protect the integrity of the Alliance’s airspace.