David Andrei Vlad wins two gold medals at International Earth Science Olympiad

David Andrei Vlad, a 12th grade student at the “B. P. Hasdeu” National College, managed to win two gold medals at the “International Earth Science Olympiad, after being awarded a silver medal at the International Biology Olympiad this year.

The two gold medals were obtained in the theory and project events, together with two other members of the Romanian team.

“Last year he got a bronze medal at the International Biology Olympiad, this year he got a silver medal at the same international Olympiad, he qualified for the first place in the ‘Earth Science’ Olympiad and here he comes with two gold medals. This young man has made continuous progress, he is a very special young man, I like him very much and I appreciate him very much because beyond these clearly demonstrated intellectual qualities, he is a special man with an extremely beautiful character, a very modest, respectful young man and he has a presence that simply makes you feel good. He’s absolutely brilliant and for the school it is a further performance, we’re delighted. We are glad that he remained our student even if he received offers from other high schools, here he stayed at Hasdeu and I am convinced that he does not regret it. He passed to the 12th grade,” the director of the “B.P.Hasdeu” National College told AGERPRES.

The Olympiad winner from Buzau sounds an alarm about the environment.

“It was a very hard Olympiad because the subjects were so that we had to look for information in documents they gave us, we downloaded documents with measurements from a database and then we had to interpret the data. We had a short time for the given tasks, it was more complicated than in previous years from what I have seen among the topics in the theory test but it ended well. In the project part of the competition we had to choose a topic, take field and lab measurements and then make a presentation. It was a lot of fun and an interesting experience overall. I still have one more year of high school, I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do after that, basically I’d like it to be something in biology, I’m not sure if I’ll stay in the country or not but the ideal solution for biology would be to leave the country. We need to know how to appreciate nature, to respect it. They said in the Olympiad that nature is doing very well without humans. If we protect nature, we save ourselves first of all, we should do everything we can to exist on this planet and thus help other species,” Olympiad winner David Andrei Vlad told AGERPRES.