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Cyprus’ proposal for Gaza advances towards implementation, President says

We are moving towards the implementation of Cyprus’ proposal which concerns the creation of a humanitarian sea corridor to Gaza, President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulides said on Thursday, adding that Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos is currently in Israel promoting this initiative. 

Replying to questions by journalists upon his arrival at the Annual General Assembly of the Cyprus Land and Building Developers Association, he said that Cyprus’ proposal is supported by the EU and international organisations and recalled that he had discussed about the issue with the UNSG.  

“We are in contact with the UN agencies involved in the humanitarian aid mission to Gaza”, he said, adding that there will be more trips and contacts in the region while the President of the European Commission will also be visiting Egypt and Jordan. 

“We are moving towards the implementation of the Republic of Cyprus’ proposal”, he underlined. 

Asked what was the outcome of the visit of the technocrats from Cyprus to Israel, President Christodoulides said that there was a positive outcome, adding that Israel sees the need for this humanitarian aid. The President noted that Israel is raising some issues which Nicosia can ensure, such as the issue of security that was also raised during his visit to Israel, after the peace summit in Egypt.  

The matter, he clarified, concerns the presence in Cyprus of security groups from Israel to control humanitarian aid. 

“Now we are talking specifically about the place of arrival, the reception, the distribution inside Gaza of the humanitarian aid,” he said. He clarified that UN organizations will take over the distribution of the humanitarian aid that will arrive in Gaza. 

The Republic of Cyprus, he pointed out, is the only one that has submitted a concrete 25-page plan that touches on all aspects and consultations are being held. 

Asked if the Foreign Minister will have a meeting in Israel with families of the hostages, the President of the Republic said that he is not aware of his program but said that this is something that can not be ruled out. 

Meanwhile, asked about the appointment of a UNSG envoy for the Cyprus issue, he said that already the Turkish side has rejected one personality that the Greek  Cypriot side had accepted. He added they await for the UNSG’s proposition which as Antonio Guterres told the President, it would take place in the next few days. 

“We are ready to work with the personality that will be appointed by the UN Secretary General, so that the prospects for the resumption of talks are created. We are not afraid of the talks. We know very well what we are seeking through the talks and we hope that Turkey will respond” he concluded.