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Albania is making efforts to enter EU markets with quality products

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Anila Denaj participated in the United Nations Industrialization in middle-income countries conference, the panel “A driving force for sustainable development” organized in Vienna.

While taking the floor in the conference, Denaj focused on the reforms that the Albanian government has implemented for the transition to a technology-driven economy, with the aim of increasing the value of work and products, the value chain and access to the markets.

“Albania is working intensively on the development of infrastructure, regional cooperation and integration reforms for entering the EU elite markets with quality products aiming at the further increase of exports of Albanian products”, she said.

Denaj noted that the UNIDO’s expertise will be able to significantly help speed up the process of bringing together farmers and creating value chains, improving quality and standards of products, particularly in relation to fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs aiming for a higher level of industrialization as an engine of sustainable development./p.s./