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Culture Ministry to financially support Vevchani Carnival

The Culture Ministry has allocated Mden 1.8 million (EUR 30,000) for the Vevchani Carnival. The agreement to finance one of the oldest European and the first carnival in North Macedonia was signed Wednesday by Culture Minister Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska and Vevchani Mayor Spase Kochovski.

Over the past two years, the Ministry did not provide any financial support for the Carnival due to administrative obstacles.

“When the results for the annual competition were announced, the event had already finished and the committees could not award funds for a finished project. Therefore, after discussions with the mayor, we decided to make a special agreement by which the Culture Ministry would finance the amount needed by the municipality to organize the carnival. After this year’s carnival ends, we should establish a mechanism so that this becomes a practice, making sure that the financing of the carnival is not interrupted and state support does not lag behind,” said Kostadinovska-Stojchevska.

The Culture Ministry, she added, recognizes the benefits and remains a firm partner to the event, but also other manifestations that help affirm Vevchani.

“There are carnivals in almost all European countries, but the interest for the Vevchani Carnival as a symbol of the local culture and tourist attraction is not declining. People here have a unique spirit and hospitality, unique creativity, witty and critical disposition to social events, which year by year become more attractive and appealing to international media and guests from the region, as well as Europe,” Kostanovska-Stojchevska stressed.

The Ministry continues to invest in the education of young people to pass down the tradition of folk art to next generations, such is the “The Epic of Orthodox New Year” project, the first mural to eternalize the legacy of the Vevchani Carnival.

“We will continue to invest in Vevchani’s culture, as a municipality that is an important part of the rich Macedonian tradition passed down many generations,” the Minister said.

Mayor Kochovski expressed his gratitude for the support, adding it is important to continuously support one of the oldest carnival manifestations.

“With a population of 2,500, Vevchani is the smallest municipality in the country, maybe even Europe. The budget is limited, so any support is welcome, and I hope that there will be many. The Vevchani Carnival deserves to be supported, not only by the Ministry but also by other sponsors,” said Kochovski.

He once again reminded that the 14 century-old carnival is full of humor and satire, with no intention of hurting or offending anyone with its masks, as its only goal is to illustrate the situation in the country and the world.