Agricultural farms use 1.5m hectares of land

Agricultural farms in Croatia used 1.5 million hectares of agricultural land in 2023, which is 0.9% more than in 2020, according to provisional data from the State Statistics Office (DZS) as of June 1, 2023.

Provisional data on the structure of agricultural holdings in 2023 are presented, namely for important agricultural areas by categories and the number of livestock and poultry. The data are compared with the data of the last surveys on the structure of agricultural holdings from 2016 and 2020.

Utilized agricultural area in 2023 increased minimally, by 0.9% compared to 2020.

According to the provisional data, in 2023, agricultural holdings in the Republic of Croatia used 898 000 ha of arable land. The largest share in the area of arable land was accounted for by cereals (65.0% or 548 000 ha), followed by industrial crops (18.5% or 166 000 ha) and fodder crops (10.6% or 95 000 ha). Compared to 2020, the area under cereals increased by 9.2% and the area under dried pulses by 100.0%, while the area under root and tuber crops decreased by 23.8%. The area under permanent crops increased by 3.9% compared to 2020.

As far as provisional data on breeding of cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and poultry are concerned, there was a decrease in the total number of heads: the number of pigs decreased by 18.8%, the number of goats by 13.6%, the number of sheep by 9.5% and the number of poultry by 6.2%, while the number of cattle increased by 1.0%.