Sales of over 10 million euros at Artmark, Tonitza’s Little Girl with Pink Bow – record price

Artmark auction house organized 50 auctions last year with total sales of 10.2 million euros, of which 9.1 million euros in public sales and over 1.1 million euros in private sales, according to a press release sent to AGERPRES.

Artmark celebrated its 15th anniversary last year (April 2008) and held its 500th auction.

The source mentions some record prices obtained in 2023 with artists such as: Nicolae Tonitza – Little Girl with Pink Bow sold for 110,000 euros (March), Head of a Child at 42,500 euros (December), Francisc Sirato – Interior with Poppies and Daisies at 22,000 euros (December), Lila Inside and Postacrd from Balchik, each at 22,000 euros (March), Jean Alexandru Steriadi – Boats in Deauville Harbour, at 19,000 euros (March), Camil Ressu – Gathering the harvest, 17,000 euros, Gheorghe Petrascu – Interior with family portrait, at 35,000 euros (December), Octav Bancilă – The Ragman, at 19,000 euros (October), Arthur Verona – Countryside Celebration, at 17,000 euros (December), Paul Miracovici – Nude, at 13,500 euros (June), Magdalena Radulescu – The Great Cavalcade, at 7,500 euros (June).

Artmark also mentions the results of the branches opened in 2022 in Sofia and Zagreb respectively. In autumn-winter 2023, Artmark Croatia held two auctions in Zagreb, totalling around 450,000 euros and an average percentage of sold lots of almost 60%, and Artmark Bulgaria held its first winter auction in Sofia, achieving a colossal total of 335,000 euros with a percentage of sold lots of 80.4%.