Collectors from Romania, Austria and Hungary to exhibit hundreds of model trains, in Arad

Collectors from Romania, Austria and Hungary will present, in western Arad, hundreds of model trains, as part of an exhibition of model and railway history that will be organized by the County Museum.

The Travel by Train to Arad exhibition will be able to be visited between May 31 and June 2, at the city’s Multipurpose Hall, according to a press release sent on Thursday by the Arad Museum Complex, which mentions that they will exhibit more than 20 collectors, members of railway clubs.

Visitors will have the possibility to admire an interactive 350m railway circuit, hundreds of model trains and reconstructions of routes with landscapes, buildings, stations for travelers, villages, people, animals, bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure elements. They will be exhibited from the first models of steam locomotives to today’s high-speed trains, the development of railway transport starting from 1835 being presented interactively.

At the same time, part of the private collection of models representing Arad transport will be exhibited, namely trains and various types of locomotives, among which the Green Arrow train stands out.

Throughout the exhibition, the organizers will offer young visitors the opportunity to participate in a modeling workshop for free, and for train enthusiasts, there will be a stand set up selling models and toys.