Center for migrant minors who come to BiH opens in Sarajevo

The Jesuit Refugee Service in Sarajevo opened a Reception Center for minors, asylum seekers and vulnerable unaccompanied and separated children. The Ministry of Security of BiH, Caritas Switzerland, Swiss Solidarity and Caritas BiH provided support through the projects ‘Support to a vulnerable group of children and refugees on the way through Bosnia and Herzegovina’ and ‘BRAT – Balkan Route: Acceptance in Transit’

The wave of migration that swept the whole world did not bypass Bosnia and Herzegovina either. Over the years, the system of taking care of people in transit included the establishment of reception centers, care, and assistance, as well as the process of monitoring all steps for those who found themselves in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A special category in such a process is children of all ages who are unaccompanied, vulnerable and in transit through Bosnia and Herzegovina. Such children must be adequately cared for, Caritas announced.

The center is focused on providing comprehensive support to children, offering a wide range of services.

Children must be protected, and while those who work on their care are in the Center, they are protected from everything that represents a challenge and danger. At the Center, they have meals, a roof over their heads, medical care, clean clothes and shoes. Most important of all, they have people who take care of them 24 hours a day, so that none feels lonely at any moment, even though they are miles away from their families.