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Census 2023, Dhuli: 2 402 113 inhabitants in Albania

General Director of the INSTAT Elsa Dhuli stated today that there are about 2.4 million inhabitants in Albania.

At the press conference today to announce the data from the 2023 Census, Dhuli said that in Albania there are 2,402,113 inhabitants, who make up 755,950 families of 3.2 members and who live in 1,082,529 homes.

She appreciated it a very important process because it provides essential information for measuring the objectives for sustainable development, to be integrated through official statistics as a necessity and a common language for measuring the progress of each country in the big European family.

Dhuli stated that the Census met one of the conditions for opening negotiations; the results will be used to provide necessary statistics as part of the European Statistical System in the future.

The data, she added, are a public benefit and are offered to policy makers, decision makers, researchers, businesses, to use for development planning, analysis of demographic, social, economic and environmental phenomena, making important decisions and implementing them in practice for the benefit of our society.

The methodology, definitions, concepts were based on the recommendations of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) for the 2020 census round and the regulations of the European Union.

Census 2023 is the 12th in the span of 100 years of the history of censuses in Albania and the opening of the first official statistics office.