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The 37 million euro agreement is signed for the development of health services and early education

In the amount of 37.2 million euros, the Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers has signed an agreement for the projects “Kosovo’s Comprehensive Approach to Strengthening the Health System” as well as “Early Childhood Education and Care for Kosovo’s Human Capital”.

In the ceremony held today, the Minister of Finance, Hekuran Murati, while emphasizing that the partnership with the World Bank is essential for the implementation of many key projects in the country, added that the purpose of these agreements is to improve the provision of essential public health services and those of early education.

“These agreements in total amount to 37.2 million euros and 2 million US dollars in grant funding, of which 18.6 million euros are loans for the financing of the “Kosovo’s Comprehensive Approach to Strengthening the Health System” project, as well as 18.6 million euros in loans and 2 million grand for “Early Childhood Education and Care for Kosovo’s Human Capital”. So the first project aims to improve the provision of public health services through the purchase of equipment for NIPHK and HUCSK, strengthening the capacities of the health personnel as well as combining the best practices for ensuring the quality of the services offered and the construction of the health insurance system. While the second project aims to increase the quality of education and care in early childhood, through the drafting of legislation and the creation of adequate infrastructure”, said Murati.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Arben Vitia, has emphasized that through this project, the Ministry of Health has enabled professional expertise from international and local experts, in the drafting of laws, health, communication, but also administrative assistance.

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci, said that these projects are important for the citizens of the country.

She added that this project will improve access to quality education and will ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential through inclusion in early education, regardless of the challenges faced by families.

Meanwhile, the Director of the World Bank Office in Kosovo, Massimiliano Paolucci, said that with these projects the aim is to improve early childhood education.