Car Manufacturers’ Association: Almost no car made in Europe without at least one component made in Romania

IT is an area where Romania is making extraordinary progress, but do not forget that there is almost no car made in Europe that does not have at least one component made in Romania, secretary general and member of the board of directors of the Romanian Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACAROM) Adrian Sandu told a press conference on Wednesday on the launch of the international campaign “Marque France/Marca Franta” (France Trade Mark).

“If the automotive industry generates 31 billion euros annually in Romania and we have all the activities, from design, to testing, to manufacturing, to logistics, we now see that in this transformation we are going more and more towards electrification, and in France we already know that the main pole will be there. Thus, Romanian companies that want to move in this direction will certainly have opportunities in France related to the automotive industry, which will be extremely attractive for the Romanian automotive sector and for Romanian companies. It is a highly technical development, with an extremely well-developed and valuable know-how, but we cannot remain at a low level. We must automatically think higher and higher. IT is obviously an area where Romania has made extraordinary progress, but don’t forget that there is no car made in Europe that does not have at least one component made in Romania,” said Sandu.

According to the ACAROM representative, the support received by Romania from France for the development of the automotive industry is starting to return to the Hexagon.

The French Embassy to Romania organised on Wednesday a press conference on the occasion of the launch of the international campaign “Marque France/Marca Franta.”

This initiative, which mobilizes the entire French diplomatic network, highlights the country’s strengths in terms of industrial and economic dynamism, innovation potential and cultural and artistic vitality, so that investors and talents from around the world can fulfill their dreams in France and with the help of France.