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Bulgarian Government Discusses Several Large-Scale Investments for Nearly BGN 1 Bln

At its weekly meeting on Wednesday, the Council of Ministers is discussing several large-scale investments worth nearly BGN 1 billion. Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov presented some of the projects at the start of the meeting. 

One project provides for the expansion of the Rubin glass factory in Pleven, northcentral Bulgaria. A 300-tonne furnace will be built, warehouse areas will be modernized, with a focus on innovative products and reducing carbon emissions. The investment will create over 150 jobs in Pleven municipality. 

Another key project is for the Maritsa municipality in the region of Plovdiv, central Bulgaria, Denkov said. “Schneider Electric Bulgaria” envisages the construction of a smart production building, with innovative technologies and renewable energy sources. It will be the first such plant in Central and Eastern Europe. The investment is worth BGN 107 million and foresees the creation of at least 105 new jobs. 

In Shumen, Alcomet will expand its aluminium production with an investment of BGN 136 million, creating 136 new jobs. The project aims to produce new aluminium alloys for electric vehicles and expand production for automotive and solar panels. 

In Denkov’s words, the best social programme for people is to provide them with jobs with good pay. “That’s where one of the most important missions of government comes from. That is to provide investors who can create high-added value, hence better wages for workers. These are investments not only for Bulgaria but also in Bulgarians,” the Prime Minister said.