Take-home pay in Zagreb in September at €1,322

The average monthly net pay for September 2023 in the City of Zagreb amounted to €1,322, decreasing in nominal terms by one percent from August 2023 and rising by 12.9% from September 2022, the city administration reported on Tuesday.

Thus, the average monthly wage earned in September in the capital was €166 higher than the country’s average.

Croatia’s average net pay for August 2023 amounted to €1,156.

In the City of Zagreb, the highest average take-home pay in legal entities in September was earned in the extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas sector, €2,157, while the lowest was in the leather industry, €722.

The median net wage for September 2023 was €1,128, which means that half of the employees earned less and half earned more than that amount.

The average monthly gross wage in legal entities in the Croatian capital for September amounted to €1,879, down 1.3% from the previous month and 16% up from September 2022.