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Bulgaria Heli Med Service Is Certified as Emergency Aid Operator

“This flight means that the operator, Bulgaria Heli Med Service, now has its Air Operator Certificate with approval for emergency medical assistance by air,” said outgoing Transport Minister Georgi Gvozdeykov on Monday after the start of the first HEMS training mission of the Bulgarian air ambulance helicopter. He said that the pilots will have to be trained and after a certain number of flying hours, the aircraft will be able to perform HEMS missions.

Earlier in the day, the helicopter took off from the air base of the General Directorate of Border Police, and landed at the helipad of the St Ekaterina University Hospital.

Gvozdeykov said that the procedure was a demonstration flight, which was done in the presence of inspectors from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation Administration.

According to Gvozdeykov, from now on the system will be upgraded with the delivery of a second helicopter, and the preparation of the second operational base, which will be on the territory of Sliven, Varsha airport and will service the eastern part of Bulgaria.

Gvozdeykov recalled that six pilots have undergone training in Italy, and they will do their flying hours on the helicopter to acquire the rights to pilot it independently. Another group is now training in Italy for the second and third helicopters, which should arrive in Bulgaria in June and mid-December.