Bošnjak and Fitschen: Support for the project ‘Majevica without mines until 2024’

Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dubravka Bošnjak and German Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Thomas Fitschen visited mine-suspected areas of the Majevica region as a sign of support for the project “Majevica without mines by 2024”.

The project, financed by the Federal Republic of Germany in the amount of 9.7 million euros, envisages the demining of a total area of 27.88 square kilometers and includes five municipalities of Majevica, two of which are in the Republika Srpska and three in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and represents a good example of inter-municipal and inter-entity cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project, which began in July 2022, and will last until the end of 2024, is planned to free the area between Semberija, Posavina and the Tuzla basin from mines.

Minister Bošnjak thanked the donors, as well as the brave participants of the Project, for the energy and support they selflessly provided.

“The Majevica project, like many other demining projects, is not just a mine removal process, but an investment in the future of our country, peace, stability and prosperity,” said Bošnjak.

Emphasizing Germany’s long-standing role in demining in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ambassador Fitschen underlined the importance of this project in terms of reconciliation and creating a safe environment for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More than 100 people from BHMAC, MAG and NPA are currently working on the Majevica project, who presented to those present the results achieved so far on that project, as well as the remaining activities to make the area of Majevica mine-free by 2024.

The project is significant, not only for the safety of citizens but also for the development of the economy and tourism in the region, renovated homes, agricultural goods and the landscape.

Demining represents a key stage in reconstruction, creating conditions for sustainable economic growth and infrastructure development.