Bulajic: Cooperation with WCO is important for reform of the customs authority

According to Director of the Revenue and Customs Administration, the cooperation with the World Customs Organization (WCO) is of great importance for the reform and development of this institution.

He stated that the goal is for the Revenue and Customs Administration to become a strong, modern, completely professional, depoliticized, and transparent institution.

“The best indicator of good, professional, and systematic work is the strong support from the WCO, which is also reflected in the visit of its Secretary-General, Kunio Mikuriya,” said Bulajic.

The Revenue and Customs Administration stated in a press release that, WCO Secretary-General Kunio Mikuriya had come to Montenegro at the invitation of Bulajic, adding that he would also meet with the senior public officials.

During the day, after the meeting between Bulajic and Mikuriya, the activities of one of the most important Montenegrin institutions will be presented, with a focus on the customs service and the challenges of digitization.

The representatives of the Administration will also present ongoing and planned projects aimed at transitioning to completely paperless operation.

The agenda also includes a discussion on priorities at the customs policy level, as well as a visit to the Dobrakovo border crossing on the border with Serbia.