Baraliu: The decision on the dinar is fair, it prevents misuse and abuse

The decision of the regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo to ban the circulation of the Serbian dinar is considered fair and as such should be implemented.

The university professor, Mazllum Baraliu, says that through this decision misuses and abuses are prevented.

Baraliu for KosovaPress stated that the country must face international pressure for postponing the decision on the dinar, since according to him, the circulation of illegal foreign currencies in the country must be stopped.

He points out that there is no constitutional violation by the CBK regulation regarding this matter, while adding that everything done illegally must be stopped.

Meanwhile, he also listed the benefits that this regulation brings. According to him, with the entry into force of this, misuses and abuses become impossible, and he also estimates that circulation puts financial discipline, which is necessary for banking stability, which affects the country’s economic system.

However, despite the fact that from today this regulation came into force, the Serbian dinar is still circulating in Graçanica. The KosovaPress team today documented the circulation of dinars in the shops of Graçanica.

In one of the markets in this municipality, a citizen made a payment with the Serbian dinar, which is unconstitutional and illegal in Kosovo.

On the other hand, the governor of CBK, Ahmet Ismaili, yesterday denied that there will be a postponement or cancellation of the regulation for the ban on the circulation of the Serbian dinar in Kosovo.