Banjska terrorist group involved in violent protests in Serbia

The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, has also engaged members of the Banjska terrorist group, to cause riots in the opposition protests in Serbia, KosovaPress sources inform.

Sources of KosovaPress inform that Gjorgje Balloviq, Nikola Niciforoviq, Millan Ivanoviq and Zhivko Jaksiq stayed in Belgrade for several days to participate in the protests. This is because, according to the same source, to infiltrate into the crowd, since it is considered that they are unknown in Belgrade.

Meanwhile, the SPN statement states that “the authorities used violence to present the peaceful protests as violent”.

Protesters in Serbia are demanding a repeat of the December 17 elections.

According to this coalition, brutal force was used by the regime in last night’s protest.

In the SPN statement, it is stated that the special units have used brutal force against the citizens.

“They beat one of the demonstrators and broke his leg, kicking him while he was lying on the ground. After the protest, the police also attacked Radomir Lazoviq from the Left Green Front”, reads the SPN statement.

This political coalition declared that a large number of peaceful citizens were arrested, for whom it warned that it would provide legal protection.

Otherwise, during last night’s protest, the door of the Serbian Parliament was broken and the police threw tear gas at the protesters, who continued their demonstration for the seventh time, which was called by the opposition.

Representatives of the opposition list “Serbia against violence” tried to enter the Assembly, in order to address the citizens from the balcony of the building.

They pushed the door, but could not get in, as they were stopped by the police. A part of the protesters broke the windows and the doors of the building, while the police responded with tear gas.

After the incidents, through an address to the public from the Presidency of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, addressed the Serbian citizens not to worry.

“No revolution is underway, and we are trying not to hurt any of the demonstrators through a light reaction”, he said, although the released videos show that violence was used against the protesters.

We recall that the OSCE monitoring mission said that the December 17 elections in Serbia were characterized by serious irregularities, misuse of state funds and the spread of fear. The MEPs have demanded an independent investigation into the irregularities in the elections. The US has also called on Serbian authorities to investigate allegations of irregularities.