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Anadolu’s The Evidence documentary exposes Gaza genocide cover-up: Türkiye’s communications director

Türkiye will use its media to speak out against injustice and advocate for truth amid the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Turkish Communications Director Fahrettin Altun said Wednesday.

Speaking at the gala screening of the Anadolu documentary The Evidence, which exposes Israel’s war crimes in Gaza, Altun noted that it was initially released as a book.

He described the documentary as a truly historic project, saying it records every form of oppression, war crime and genocide committed by Israel since Oct. 7.

He cited the contributions of individuals and international organizations to the documentary including the president of the International Court of Justice, the UN Special Rapporteur, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch which involved the sharing of comprehensive data about the situation in Gaza.

Altun also recounted a recent incident where a Palestinian youth burned a book.

“Do you remember, in recent days, a Palestinian youth burned a book and said ‘There is no such thing as international law; it’s all a big lie.’ This rebellion is truly justified and ethical,” he said.

“In this era heralded by Enlightenment thinkers, positivists, modernists, progressives and Westernizers as the pinnacle of humanity, we are truly witnessing humanity’s gradual demise, witnessing how it is bleeding out,” he added.

Altun drew attention to the attempted eradication and genocide being perpetrated against the Palestinian people before the eyes of the world.

“The Evidence documentary we gather here for today unveils this genocide, often denied and ignored, with undeniable proof. I believe this documentary will reveal to the world, both today and tomorrow, how approximately 34,000 people, including 14,000 children, were murdered in front of the world’s eyes.”

Altun highlighted the painstaking efforts behind the evidence in the documentary, citing the courageous and truth-seeking approach of journalists like Anadolu’s Ali Jadallah, who risked their lives.

He pointed to Israel’s deliberate targeting of journalists uncovering the truth, saying that more than 140 journalists have been killed by Israel.

He recalled Israel’s tank attack on the TRT Arabi team which resulted in cameraman Sami Sehade losing his leg and two other journalists being injured, praising them as “true heroes.”

“We must emphasize clearly and unequivocally that Türkiye stands with the oppressed Palestinian people, regardless of the circumstances. Türkiye has always seen all international platforms as an opportunity when it comes to the Palestinian cause. Our president has loudly voiced Türkiye’s leadership in the international arena for the Palestinian cause,” Altun said.

“Despite Israel’s blatant violation of international law by targeting the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, those who remained silent quickly condemned Iran’s response. This attempt to portray Israel as a victim cannot hide the undeniable truth: Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza.”

He further said that in this regard, both The Evidence book and documentary are “attempts to invalidate these sinister normalization strategies.”

“With these works, we strive to properly convey the Palestinian cause, the genocide in Gaza, and Israel’s oppression on the international stage. We aim to contribute concrete evidence to the ongoing genocide case at the International Criminal Court.”