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Anadolu photojournalist attacked by Israeli army in East Jerusalem

The Israeli army on Friday violently attacked Anadolu photojournalist Mustafa Haruf, who was on duty in occupied East Jerusalem, sending him to the hospital.

Israeli police, who set up barricades in the area, first pulled their weapons at Haruf, who was covering the news, and then threw him to the ground, beating and kicking him while he was on the ground.

Haruf suffered severe blows resulting in injuries to his face and body and was transported by ambulance to the Makassed Hospital in occupied East Jerusalem.

Israeli police also attacked cameraman Faiz Abu Ramila, who was with Haruf.

The incident comes amid the over two-month Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, killing tens of thousands of Palestinians and dozens of journalists, along with hundreds of killings and arrests in the occupied West Bank.