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Albania’s FDI inflow hits record high of 354 million euros in Q1, 2024

TIRANA, June 11 /ATA/ – Albania experienced a notable surge in foreign direct investment (FDI), hitting a record high of 354 million in the first quarter of 2024, the Bank of Albania said on Tuesday.

According to the central bank, the FDI inflow in Albania rose 15.3 % year-on-year.

The real estate sector proved to be a primary attraction for foreign direct investment, recording an increase of 23%, followed by the finance sector up by 21%, oil and fuel sector by 13%, energy by 5%, and communication increasing by 5%.

Data from the central bank show that the value of FDI inflows in Albania totaled 1.49 billion euros in 2023, edging up by 8.7% compared to 2022.