November’s average wage increases nearly 10% y-o-y in real terms

ZAGREB, 19 Jan (Hina) – The average monthly pay in November in Croatia totalled €1,208, rising 15% in nominal terms and 9.8% in real terms from the same month of 2022, according to the data released by the national statistical office (DZS) on Friday.

The highest average net pay for November was paid in air transport (€1,840) and the lowest in the security sector (€751).

The median net pay for November amounted to €1,030,В which means that half of the employees earned less and half earned more than that amount, while median gross earnings amounted to 1,398 euro.

The average gross pay for November amounted to €1,679 and was up 3% in nominal and 3.1% in real terms month on month, and up 17.3% in nominal and 12% in real terms year on year.

The highest average gross pay for October was paid in air transport (€2,665)В and the lowest was “paid in the activity Manufacture of wearing apparel and Security and investigation activities and amounted to 998 euro.”

For the January-November period, the average net monthly pay amounted to €1,144, up 12.9% in nominal and 4.2% in real terms year on year.