Adem Demaçi returns to his hometown in bronze

Podujeva has become the first city with a statue of the activist of the national issue, Adem Demaçi, who was described as a hero of the freedom of thought.

The statue was inaugurated in the city square, where, in addition to a large number of citizens, representatives of the institutions of Kosovo and Albania also participated.

Prime Minister Albin said that the man of the people, Adem, was a unique personality in his actions and with his language of selflessness for others and in our beloved Albanian.

According to Kurti, those who truly live are not so many and have an incomparable virtue, their expression is equal to their life; Adem Demaçi teaches us a high directive for everyone “When dictatorship does not threaten freedom, then freedom should be doubted”.

The Mayor of Podujeva, Shpejtim Bulliqi, said that Llapi is not just the birthplace of Adem, but also the country and his large family, where he was born with the patriotic spirit.

Shqiptar Demaçi, the son of the activist, Adem Demaçi, thanked all those who contributed to erecting the statue of Adem Demaçi in Podujeva, while adding that it would be good that another statue be erected in the square of Prishtina.

The celebration continued with a cultural program. Otherwise, the sculptor of the statue of Demaçi was Agron Blakqori.